Enhance enterprise competitiveness and core advantages through technological innovation - Shandong Yaohua held a technological innovation award ceremony, and named the technological innovation award in the name of the innovator's personal history and cult
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On June 14, 2022, Shandong Yaohua technology innovation award was launched again at the production day cleaning meeting. General manager Lin chenglun presented the & ldquo; Historical and cultural laminated glass flat edge process & rdquo; Innovation Award: 2000 yuan!This technical innovation is the flat edge process method of laminated glass. The production center submits the technical innovation implementation plan and the quality improvement effect. The company's technology innovation review team evaluates the award level according to the verification results, and names the technology innovators as & ldquo; Historical and cultural laminated glass flat edge process & rdquo; I hereby encourage you.Zhu Hong, executive general manager of the company, pointed out that the projects awarded today have reduced costs, improved efficiency, and improved product quality, which are worth vigorously promoting and advocating. Under the severe situation of global economic downturn and fierce market competition, the promotion of quality and management driven by technological innovation will enhance the core competitiveness and core advantages of the company. Technological innovation, small reform and small reform require the participation of all staff, so that Shandong Yaohua will burst out & ldquo; A hundred flowers bloom in the Spring Garden & rdquo; A new situation of innovation.Lin chenglun, general manager of the company, pointed out: at the critical moment when the enterprise is improving quality and efficiency, transforming and upgrading to high-quality development, the innovation awareness and ability of all employees are related to the development of the enterprise. It is hoped that all employees of the company can take Shi Wenhua, Wang Zhenlai and Jia Yingtao as examples, work hard and think hard, and actively explore new technologies and new schemes for improving efficiency, improving quality and reducing cost. The company's rewards for technological innovation will be normalized, institutionalized and systematized, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, give play to the wisdom and talents of each employee, achieve the company's continuous technological progress, and provide a solid driving force and stamina for enterprise development.